DeatschWerks releases 5th Gen Camaro DW400 Pump Module

DeatschWerks releases 5th Gen Camaro DW400 Pump Module

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DeatschWerks (DW) is taking it to the next level with the release of a complete fuel pump module solution for 5th gen Camaros – powered by the DW400 fuel pump.

The DW400 5th gen Camaro Module is a complete plug-n-play replacement for the OE unit.  The module incorporates the DW400 pump which nearly doubles the flow output of the OE module and increases pressure capabilities to 120psi.  This module also integrates seamlessly with the OE wiring harness, level sender, and feed lines.  For those wanting a return-style fuel system, the module is easily convertible to -8AN feed and -6AN return.  The module also utilizes a venturi fed surge bucket for consistent fueling at low tank levels and high G conditions.


The DW400 module deletes the restrictive OE cardboard fuel filter.  A high flow in-line filter is recommended for use in its place.  DW has designed a plug-n-play fuel filter kit utilizing their 10m dual stage stainless steel filter cartridge.  The DW fuel filter kit is designed specifically for the 2010-15 Camaro with pre-cut -8AN CPE hose terminated in 3/8” EFI quick connects.  Part numbers and pricing are below…


  • DW400 Pump Module         2010-15 Camaro (all models)               PN: 9-403-7001                  $599
  • Fuel Filter Kit (stainless)     2010-2015 Camaro (SS only)               PN: 6-03-7001                    $289
  • Fuel Filter Kit (black)           2010-2015 Camaro (SS only)               PN: 6-03-7002                    $289
  • Fuel Filter Kit (stainless)     2010-2015 Camaro (ZL1 only)             PN: 6-03-7003                    $289
  • Fuel Filter Kit (black)           2010-2015 Camaro (ZL1 only)             PN: 6-03-7004                    $289


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About DeatschWerks

DeatschWerks (DW) is a manufacturer of premium aftermarket performance fuel system components.  DW offers a comprehensive line of fueling components including injectors, pumps, regulators, filters, rails, lines, and fittings. DW focuses on innovation and quality to deliver fueling solutions that fit the customers’ needs.  Established in 2005, the company is privately owned and operates out of Oklahoma City, OK.  For more information about DeatschWerks, visit their website at .


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