DeatschWerks Revolutionizes Their Line Of Mitsubishi Evolution X Fueling Products

DeatschWerks Revolutionizes Their Line Of Mitsubishi Evolution X Fueling Products

DeatschWerks (DW) released the first Evo X specific fuel injector in 2008 and has supported the platform with a growing number of fuel system products ever since. 

Today, DW is announcing significant changes to their Evo X line of products. These changes bring DW’s latest injector technologies to the Evo X line up to help customers achieve easier tuning, better drivability, and higher horsepower.


Headlining this change is the new DV2 1100cc injector, which was developed exclusively for the Evo X application. This new injector features all of DW’s DV2 technologies (read more here) plus adds an extended nozzle (xT) as used in the OE injector. The xT nozzle brings the fuel discharge to the exact same position as in the OE injector. In-car testing has shown an increased stability in both idle RPM and AFR. The new xT nozzle injector is also available in an 850cc flow rate.


The full details of the Evo X line-up change: 

  • 2 new extended nozzle (xT) injectors (17mx-10-850-4, and 17mx-10-1100-4)
  • New pump filter for the Evo X pump fitment kit (9-1026)
  • Discontinuation of the Denso-based injectors (21s-03-1000-4, and 21s-03-1300-4)
  • New injector data formatted and optimized specifically for the Evo X ecu.

More information on DV2 technology can be found HERE
More information on the new Evo X injectors can be found HERE



About DeatschWerks
DeatschWerks (DW) is your source for high performance fuel systems.  DW fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and accessories are available at the wholesale, dealer and retail level.  DW provides application-specific fueling solutions for easy installation and comprehensive support data for fast and accurate tuning.  DeatschWerks product lines serve both the import and domestic markets.
DeatschWerks prides itself on industry-leading quality, innovation and meeting our customers’ needs. Established in 2005, the company is privately owned and operates out of Oklahoma City, OK. 

For more information about DeatschWerks, visit their website at



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