I laughed but shuddered at the potential consequences at Mark told me about how they crested a hill and literally had their breath taken away by the spectacular view. Then almost missed their braking zone and turn. As several of the stages run along coastal roads, that could mean a swim in the Atlantic.
Spectators are cautioned to choose high ground, think safety, stand at least 15 metres from the road, and never stand on the outside of a turn. The best rule: Do Not Stand in Prohibited Areas! There's more, but those are solid guidelines for any motorsport event.
You can just tell that this road won't be having a gas station that carries super. The Truck was de-tuned for Targa Newfoundland so that it could run on readily available regular gas.

The challenge of Targa Newfoundland is that you must go back again outside of competition to view the spectacular ocean views and rustic fishing villages. Try to do that while competing, well, that did happen in the midst of a full out competition run and they had to push the Wilwood's and Rival's to their limits to successfully navigate a left turn. There was another time that they were coming through a medium right onto a straight, so Mark put his foot into it only for he and Myles to find that the notes had an error. It should have been medium right then medium left. Because straight ahead was the Atlantic Ocean. Flat-spotted four tires but stayed out of the salt water and made it. More than made it, Second Place is an outstanding achievement that very few teams with highly modified performance cars have ever achieved. The thing is, this performance car is a 1971 GMC 1500 long bed – the first truck in Targa Newfoundland. Mark and Myles, congratulations. What an amazing story.

We don't know when it will happen, but Targa Truck will be back to tackle Targa Newfoundland again.

What is next? A speed run in Texas for one. Possibly the Ontario 1500! The Optima Street Car Challenge? The only thing we know for sure, the Targa Truck will not be sitting very long. Mark, Liz, and Wyatt will be in the cab and looking for their next adventure.

This video is not so much 'I told you so' as walking right up to the kid who constantly put you down in the school yard and making a face at him. Mark celebrates the success at Targa and is pretty clear. Don't judge an automobile – or a person – by it's/their appearance. Determination, hard work, team work, coupled with acceptance and inclusion, may allow for the impossible. Targa Truck – is it time for you to re-think your perspective!


Thanks to Mark and Miles (all photos from the east coast without a watermark), Ralph Saulnier, and Max Cline Abrahams for the use of their photographs!

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