Left side done and starting on the right! Vibrant Performance components were used from the head flanges back to where it connects to the Flowmaster mufflers and then out both sides of the truck.  Vibrant flanges, piping, V-Bands, and two GESI high flow cats. The header and exhaust was all custom built by Maximum Performance.

Under the Wegner Motorsports' valve covers you will find a Custom Comp Cam with a 0.650 lift, Comp roller lifters, and Chevrolet Performance LS7 rocker arms. The AFR Mongoose 245 heads are fed by an Edelbrock Victor Jr EFI intake. A Bosch fuel pump, Bosch fuel injectors, Edelbrock fuel rails, and an Edelbrock 1000 cfm throttle body ensures that the fuel is where it needs to be. A 10 AN Russel line feeds the fuel and an 8 AN Russel line provides the return. The header and exhaust were built by Maximum Performance using Vibrant Performance parts. It has a wonderful sound and there is no question that it allows the truck to perform brilliantly. From the header flange to the 1 7/8″ primaries that lead to 3″ Vibrant piping, the V-Bands and the GESI high flow cats that tie into the Flowmaster mufflers, which exits both sides of the truck in front of the rear wheels, this exhaust is perfectly suited for Newfoundland's roads.


I had to ask about the hearts painted on the truck. Mark met Graham through the Kickstarter crowd funding program. Graham and Amelia supported Targa Truck and just got married – and Graham asked if he could have this graphic on Targa Truck. Congratulations. This truck is a community builder!

The truck has a Chevrolet Performance distributor conversion that involves a MSD distributor, MSD plug wires, NGK TR5 spark plugs (unless Mark can find the elusive NGK TR6 plug which he prefers), and a Wegner Motorsports front drive that includes a Stewart Water pump and AGR power steering pump. The transmission is a box stock Tremec T-56 Magnum, six speed, with stock shifter and a Spec 3+ clutch. The flywheel that is part of the Spec 3 is fairly heavy, necessary to assist with the start up inertia required to move this vehicle, which some have described as being as aerodynamic as a barn. When he upgrades the clutch in the near future he will also install a scattershield. This is for peace of mind but also to prepare for future plans. The driveshaft is a Cromoly one-piece unit that connects to a 3.73 12 bolt rear end. Engine management is handled by a Big Stuff Three drag race setup, which he purchased and installed during his drag race phase. It allows for a huge torque curve – it has not been on a dyno but, since it can move buildings, 500 ft/lbs is likely underestimating it full capability.


First look at the amazing scenery (that's the stuff behind the cars that's blue and green) and then look at the cars. If you haven't notice already, just look at how low the Targa Truck is! Number 566 is a joint Canadian and American effort as the 2006 Mustang GT500S is driven by Canadian Chris Weston and his navigator, from United States, is Jim Beatty. David Pratte is driving the #86 Scion FR-S and his navigator is Peter Tarach – they are both well-known names in the Canadian automotive scene.
Finishing each stage, which many thought would never happen, was a moment for quiet reflection by the team. NOT! Just like the Targa Truck cannot do anything quietly but like the Hulk uses brute force to muscle past any obstacle, Mark simply couldn't constrain his emotions and had to expend some adrenaline! 
On top of everything else – new course, challenging directions, spectators cheering – and they did cheer because they loved the 'underdog' that was Targa Truck – the course conditions were challenging. These public roads were closed just hours before the competition. It is an understatement to say there was the potential of debris on the road.

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