Dinner with Tarzan and Toshi

On Friday I had dinner with Tarzan, Toshi, Troy @ XS, and some friends at a Japanese BBQ Yakinikku spot in Fountain Valley. I think it’s called Tsuruhashi (good stuff by the way). We ran into Moto Miwa the noodle king and Drift Day founder and his family there too. We didn’t take any pics because we had way too much sake, but I thought I would mention how much fun we had. We had this whole 30 minute making fun of Toshi session on how Toshi was the gatekeeper in F&F3: Tokyo Drift. This is when the hick and Bow Wow roll up in the incredible Hulk VW and Bow Wow says, “What up, Tosh?!?!” Toshi proceeds to be the gatekeeper and opens up the gate. It took 4 hours to shoot this scene and he couldn’t say anything because he didn’t have a SAG card. We were laughing, crying, face muscles cramping and all. Anyhow, we still love you Tosh. But that night was FUNNY!!! See him here on the IMDB.


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