New Years

I spent NYE at Toshi’s pad. Yes, Mr. Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, official English D1 announcer, JDM-Insider super star himself. Also there was Yu-san (JDM magazine photographer and JDM Insider), Phil from JDM Insider/360 Video who also doubled as the bad ass DJ, our good friend Jeff Igushi, Jimmy Lin (F&F Tokyo Drift super star), my friend Dave, and all of their associated girlfriends and friends. Was it a party? Today is Wednesday and I am just BARELY recovering. Unfortunately I was unable to take too many pics due to the fact that I was partying super hard, but here a couple. Most of the pics are before the madness so everybody is still chill. I hope ya’ll had fun on NYE because I know I did!


Jeff made an awsome roast and Toshi made the creamed corn and spinach. This was a pretty fucking kick ass dinner. I think Toshi and Jeff should open a restaurant. We had 15 lbs. of meat that cost about $210.

phil dj.jpg

Phil is a badass party DJ. I got on about 1am, was able to pull off a mix somehow (I was fucked up) and then I fucked up the next 3 songs before Phil came to save me. Those are my 1200’s though. I gotta learn how to use’em one of these days.


Toshi’s BNR34 GT-R collecting dust in the garage.


Collecting dust right next to the GT-R is a beautiful ’55 T-bird. What a baller…. I jacked this slide show from Phil’s blog. Yu-san and Keiko made it:

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