Champ Car Turbocharger

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On Friday, December 22nd before Cosworth shut down for the week (this week), there was a Champ Car turbocharger, like 40 sets of Cosworth XFE (champ car engine) connecting rods, and stacks of XFE Titanium and Inconel valves sitting behind me on the floor waiting to be checked into inventory. That was probably over $30k in parts in a small area that probably measured 1 square yard. I guess this kind of thing only happens at buff ass companies like Cosworth. So I snapped a couple of pics of the turbo. Cool racing shit: Cast thin wall, stainless steel, v-band turbine housing with a low inertia inconel turbine wheel and a magnesium compressor housing with a low pressure ratio, high volume, 5 bladed compressor wheel. The turbine housing is reminiscent of an HKS T51 turbine housing. Proof that HKS offers a better turbo than the American GT series (of course if budget is a secondary concern).

Another interesting fact is that the compressor outlet only measures 2″ OD and these engines generate 750bhp. When it comes to street cars, I have found that a lot of American intercooler kit manufacturers are making their intercooler tubes too large. The kits I designed at XS Engineering have slightly smaller tubes than most kits because I found that they increase turbo response and DO NOT choke horsepower. They also fit much better with smaller tubes. How many of you own American intercooler kits where your pipes rub everywhere, rattle like a bitch, and then develop holes? Check out the XS intercooler kits here if you want a made in the USA quality part.

Anyhow, happy new years people. I’ll probably be out partying tonight and tomorrow night.

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