Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ya’ll. And Hannukah, Quanza, etc. for the rest of you. I had a very nice Christmans eve dinner at the Tajima household last night. The Tajima household is my home away from home in Huntington Beach harbor area. Eiji from Tomei, Mike Ferrara from D-Sport, and Frank from Z.Speed (?) were at dinner too.
trinidid lamb.jpg
I’m not a lamb person, but this was a really GOOD tasting rack of lamb.
trinidad house.jpg
Here’s a picture of my new pad. It costs me about $1.4 mil.
trinindad lights.jpg
Here are the lights right across from my Harbor.
trinidad yaya.jpg
And here’s Hisako at the end of the night. She was pounding beers and talking shit about drinking, but it looks like she couldn’t hang. BTW, just kidding about the pad. I WISH that were my pad….Merry Christmas!!

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