Driver Blog: Christian Rado – GTA @ PBIR

Christian Rado, Chris Rado, Driver Blog, motoiq

Driver Blog:  Christian Rado – GTA @ PBIR



Christian Rado, Chris Rado, Driver Blog

The weather wasn’t looking good heading into the first day of Global Time Attack at Palm Beach. The clouds were threatening and it felt like they could open up at any moment, but when the car was ready to go, I decided to head out on track for a couple of warm up laps. It had been nearly three years since I was last at PBIR and this would be the perfect time for a quick refresher of the track. 


Christian Rado, Chris Rado, Driver Blog, world racing, x wing

As I came down the straightaway very cautiously the car felt great and was making good power, but since the track was still damp I didn’t push hard. After my Continental Tires were up to temperature I still didn’t push the Fwing 2.0 around the course hard for a lap and moments before raindrops started to fall again, I was able to click off a 1:27.819 lap before returning to the paddock. 


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My crew would use this time to clean up and perform some minor maintenance to the Fwing 2.0 prior to the 3:30pm session. As 3:15 rolled around the track was still wet in multiple areas and I decided that it would be best to call it a day. 


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Although some of the AWD vehicles can still perform well in the rain, attempting to lay down a hot lap with a wet track in my car would be like attempting to climb Mt. Everest in sandals. Not going to happen.  


Christian Rado, Chris Rado, Driver Blog

As we arrived on Saturday morning and began to prepare for the first session of the day it appeared the weather would be in our favor, allowing me to push the Team Need for Speed Scion tC much harder. 


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