Driver Profiles: Emme Hall

 Emme Hall Driver Profile

Driver Profiles:  Emme Hall

By Amanda Martin 

Profile Info

  • Name: Emme Hall
  • Birthplace:  CA
  • Hometown: Hacienda Heights
  • Age:  Oh jeez I don't know.  27?  39?  I forget.
  • Nickname: Monkey
Emme Hall Baja Bug
 Rear end of Emme's baja.  Yes, it's street legal.


 Emme Hall
 Emme shows her oops face after putting a darn fine taco into the wheel.


Car Info

  • Car Number: 549
  • Sponsor(s): Off Road Vixens, Waterfront Tavern, DJ Manufacturing, Go Pro
  • Car: class 5 Unlimited VW Baja Bug
  • Engine: 2180cc
  • Transmission: 4 speed VW bus 
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Tires: Yokohama Super Diggers
  • Wheels:  nothing special
  • Aero/Body Parts: Dual bottle openers on the side
 Emme Hall and Larry Hall
       Emme and her dad, Larry Hall, at the start of the NORRA Mexican 1000.


 Hall Ass Racing crew
 Emme and the Hall Ass Racing crew.


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