Driver Profiles: Shea Holbrook


Where and when was your first competition? 

The historic 3.7 mile, 17 turn road course, Sebring International Raceway in 2007 with SCCA!

How did you do in that?   I Finished 11th

 Shea Holbrook
Shea at Homestead testing a Mustang.

What was your first “race” car?  My first love, my 1998 Acura Integra.

How old were you when you started racing?  16

Do/did you get flack from the guys you race against? Or have the guys always accepted you as a female in your series?

Listen, male or female you’ve got to earn your spot on the race track. I did that early on in my career. Racing is pretty cut throat and everyone is out there to win. Many of my competitors are my friends, till the green flag drops.

 Shea Holbrook
Shea takes the corner at Virginia International Raceway last year.

Is there other racers in your series (you don't have to name, names) that you love beating?  

Yeah, everyone! Plus, there have been a few incidences in the past when I was shafted by another driver, and when my time came to win all I had to do was smile, really big!

Who does the work on your car?

The Shea Racing crew. We have also flown in a specialist to do a few tweaks here and there!

Shea Holbrook victory atlong beach grand prix

Holbrook became the first woman to win a Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car race in 2011 at the Long Beach Grand Prix.


Shea Holbrook hard charger
Holbrook receives the Hard Charger award at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

You were the first woman to win a race in the World Challenge series. Can you give us a little insight into what that felt like?

Imagine planning out your perfect day at the race track. But, 99.9% of the time that never happens. Well that day 100% of what I’ve been dreaming about, working so incredibly hard for, finally happened. What made it so emotional for me was that winning that race also impacted so many other lives. That race wasn’t about me, it was about everyone involved with Shea Racing. I want to win races, win championships, be a role model, become a legend, and help people while doing it.

I’ll never forget the happiness I felt that day and it was an honor to have won the Long Beach Grand Prix (World Challenge Touring Car), and become the first woman to do so in Touring Car, win the Optima Batteries Best Standing Start Award and the Sunoco Hard Charger Award for improving 14 positions from my 33rd overall grid spot.

Shea Holbrook
Shea is a huge supporter in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, she accepts donations at every race for charity.


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