Driver Profiles: Shea Holbrook


Random Questions

What was your first car?  Chevy Truck

What is your dream car?  Audi R8 or Ferrari 458 Spider or BMW 1 Series Coupe!

Shea Holbrook
Shea posing for the October Issue of Lake and Sumter Style Magazine with Photographer Fred Lopez.

What is your Daily?  An Audi A4 1.8 Turbo

What would be your last meal?   A ton of sushi! 

What type of music gets you pumped up to race?  Rap

What is the most gnarly thing you've ever done, in or out of a car?

In a race car sideways down the streets of St. Petersburg on the back straight, you know, along the water with walls everywhere! To this day when I look at that video I can’t believe I saved it!

Outside of a race car, I used to be a nationally ranked water skier and at Nationals in I think 2004 I had this gnarly wreck that totally knocked me out. But I got to say, I’m pretty proud of that crash, and the pictures to show it!

 Shea Holbrook autograph
Shea signing autographs at the St. Petersburg Grand Prix.

What do you do for your 9-5?

Believe it or not I work at a medical supply company and I’m also a senior at the University of Central Florida.

What type of hobbies do you have outside of racing? 

Boating, arts and crafts, traveling, extreme sports, and I’m starting to love fishing!

What type of pets do you have currently?   Golden retriever and cat.

Shea Holbrook Civic
              Shea waits to take the grid at Watkins Glen in 2010.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?  A fighter pilot.

Do you follow other racing series? If so, which ones?

IndyCar, NASCAR, F1, V8 Supercars, BTCC, and ALMS

Shea Holbrrok determination
Shea was recently featured in the October Issue of Lake and Sumter Style Magazine.

MotoIQ would like to say a big “Thank You!” for doing this interview with us, is there anyone that you'd like to say “Thank You” to?

Thank you MotoIQ for the fantastic interview, I love this kind of extracurricular activity! Thank you race fans for the continued support on and off the race track and Godspeed Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli.

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