DSPORT Tokyo Auto Salon Tour

So you want to go the the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon but don’t know anybody else going who’s been there before to show you around? The best way to go is on the D-Sport Magazine TAS tour package where they get you entrance on the media only day of TAS and take you around to check out some cool stuff (if you go on the VIP tour). For you R35 GT-R foamers, the tour includes a visit to the Nissan engine factory where the R35 engines are built. For you JDM drift fanatics, the VIP tour includes ride alongs with JDM pro drifters at the Fuji raceway. It looks like I’ll be at TAS this year so I’ll see you guys there. Make sure to hit me up and say what up if you see me.

Click to enlarge. Tour purchasing info is on this page.

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