Quickest 1/4 Mile GT-Rs in the US

Here’s a pretty good post from Sean who is the biggest GTR nerd for life. He’s pretty much the walking, talking, breathing GTR database. Below is part of his post I stole:

These are the quickest Nissan GT-R’s that know of in the US. Apexi’s R33 ran 8.47@165, Signals R33 has run into the 8’s, a few other Japanese demo GT-Rs have run also, but they are not included in this list.

If you have one to add, email Sean.

#19.53 @ 157 mphDiemans R33 Wichita International RacewayTwin 3240’s1133 awhp

9.73@145 mph

Mikes R33

Fontana,CATwin RX6~940 whp
#39.77 @145 mphAki R32Fontana,CAT51R SPL~900 whp
#410.3@138 mphSP Engineering R33Famoso,CAT51RSPL~975 whp


Scott Joule – R32ArizonaT51R SPL850whp
#510.42@137 mph
XS Engineering R32Fontana,CATwin 2835850 whp
#6 10.53@128 mphSamurai Speed R35FloridaStock~600 hp
#7 10.63@131 mphWen R33Fontana, CAT51R SPL850 whp

SOURCE: Nissan Skyline GT-Rs in the USA Blog

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