A Fake Stereo Cover For Your Stereo

While we typically focus on performance products, many of us daily drive our cars and enjoy the everyday essentials like our stereos.  Like most essential enhancements, we’ve upgraded our Project Subaru WRX STI stock radio to a Pioneer 7-inch double din display. And with any nice stereo comes the anxiety of getting your car broken into for stereo theft.

Luckily Stereo Cling sent us their dummy stereo covers that cling to any 7-inch double din display. They’re designed to mimic a very bland/stock radio so most onlookers with bad intentions will just glance and pass. Stereo Cling makes a photo-realistic print on a fade and water-resistant surface, making it easy for you to run it under water if it picks up any dust or fast-food spillage. The cling uses nano-suction technology, so it won’t leave any sticky residue or watermarks and can virtually stick to any surface. It will cling to double dins with or without a bezel on your display.

Installation was pretty straightforward as you peel the cling off.
Line the Stereo Cling up to your display and ensure the edges are aligned for the cleanest look.
Once applied you should get a clean stock radio like finish.


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