A Fake Stereo Cover For Your Stereo
From a distance, it looks legit!
When you are ready to drive, simply feel off the cling from the edges of your screen.
Be sure to save the clean pad so you can stick your cling back on when you remove it from your stereo.
Store it in your glove compartment or center console for quick access next time.

Final thoughts:

We loved this fake stereo faceplate idea to hide your aftermarket car stereo.  Walking by at a quick glance, you wouldn’t think twice that this was a fake.  We’ve seen other die-cast dummy stereo covers on the market, that use suction cups which could leave a nasty residue.  While die-cast covers do have the benefits of a physical texture, there are times they won’t fit every stereo application and often require some modification.  Due to the flexible nature of the Stereo Cling, it can flex and fit virtually any double din display. Stereo Clings price is right as well. Certainly cheaper than having your car broken into!

Featured Product:

Stereo Cling


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