My buddy Yasu wrote a feature in this month’s Carboy Magazine on Edwin Konishi – otherwise known as EDMATIC. Back in 1997 (if I remember correctly) Jerry from Pacific Rim asked me, “Hey, do you need anybody to help out at XS? I know a guy who went to high school with you, but he’s like 3 or 4 years younger.” This was only a year after Troy and I started XS and for our first year it was only Troy, Peter, and myself working nearly 7 days a week and somewhere between 12-16 hours a day. XS was growing and we did indeed need more help. Edmatic came on board in late 1997 or early 1998 (I don’t remember exactly) and worked at XS for about 7 years while attending Cal Poly Pomona and getting his degree. Edmatic was a hard worker and he definitely contributed to the team. He was especially good at changing rod bearings, sealing oil pans, and drilling flanges. After graduating with his Mechanical Engineering degree at Cal Poly and trying to figure out what to do for a short while, he got a job at Cosworth working in Champ Car track support. About a year ago, Eddie moved in to the engineering department here at Cosworth USA and is designing engine dyno installs and dry sump oiling systems at the moment. From high school kid, to all around mechanic/helper/builder at XS Engineering, to Cosworth Champ Car track support, and finally Cosworth engineer: good job Eddie.
Eddie is also well versed in SR20 wiring, race car telemetry, general wrenching and Unigraphics CAD software.

Eddie even autographed this page for me. Superstar!

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