Boiling Tarzan

Last night I went to the Boiling Crab in Wetminta again with the Ark Design posse to get down and dirty with Viet/Louisiana style shrimp, lobster, crawfish, crab legs, chicken wings, fries, corn, etc. The original plan was meet at 7:30pm and probably wait 45 minutes or so to get a table. We were still waiting outside at 8:30 when we got a call from Tarzan on his way back from the Long Beach Grand Prix (chauffeured by Daiji from C-West USA). So we added 2 people to the reservation and they said it would take another 30 minutes. Tarzan just flew back to the states that morning so he must have been super tired. I had just given him a ride to the airport last Sunday night after a marvelous ribeye steak dinner at Mastro’s in Costa Mesa. I never use the word marvelous, but that steak was absolutely marvelous. Anyhow, Tarzan was here last weekend for Formula D (he is the official Japanese ambassador), but then he had to fly back to Japan to drive for some magazines and pretty much come straight back to the states for the LBGP Super Lap Battle (just a time attack, but Source Interlink wants to get all JDM on us) where he is under contract to drive a Subaru. Personally, I think its a shitty contract since he cannot drive the XS GT-R, but Subaru pays the bills better I guess.

As always, the Boiling Crab was well worth the wait. Be sure to try the extra spicy and order at least one of everything on the menu. It’s primarily an asian-american crowd so it’s perfect for you white dudes that want to steal our asian women. Na, just kidding I don’t really care. Just don’t get pissed when I steal one of your white chicks. Anyhow, the food kicks ass and I cannot recommend it enough. Come for the food and beer, jock the chicks.

The extra spicy will burn your lips for an hour like you have VD on your lips.

Tarzan was tagging his signature on the post so if you sit in the front corner, check it out.

At this point we are full and satisfied. Be sure to come to the LBGP to watch him drive the 2008 Crawford STi. He’s faster behind the wheel of the XS GT-R, but oh well. Subaru’s got him this year in the USA.

Tarzan will be visitiing the UK time attack event at Silverstone sometime in May. I believe he will bring an element of time attack technique to the Brits just like he has in America. Sure some drivers are naturally fast, but do they know time attack specific technique like Tarzan? Not yet. Time Attack is huge in the UK. Hopefully Tarzan will show up and kick some ass. Tarzan is a bad ass driver in general. He kicks ass on road courses, drag, etc. He is fast and is a master of car control. He’s not just hype.

Here’s the first time I worked with him back in 1998 in my previous life at Apex. Tarzan piloted the V-Max to an 8.47 1/4 mile which was the fastest back then and for many years after. That is until HKS stepped up with their air shifted R33. After we set the GT-R 1/4 mile record, the entire team when out and partied like it was 1999. Tarzan still loves to drink. Whoever is hosting him in the UK, make sure you guys take him to a pub and show him how you guys do it in the UK! While you’re at it, make sure you bring Tsubaki along as a translator – especially if she’s the official Time Attack UK race queen.

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