Pi-le of ECUs

Jeremy from track support moved into our office about a month ago even though he’s never actually in the office. He’s always out and about at various tracks all over the country doing track support for the Formula Atlantic series. Jeremy was in this Monday and I guess he was preparing for the last Champ Car race is this coming weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix. I walked by his desk and saw a shitload of ECUs in a Pelican case. Looking more closely, I saw that they were Pi/Pectel SQ6Ms for the Champ Cars. Each of those ECUs is something like $8000 each so I was like hold on man, let me take a pic of that.

Pelican case o’ ECUs

Some more on Jeremy’s desk.

I think there were over 40 ecus. So let’s do some math here: 40 x 8000 = $320000. $320k isn’t shit in the racing world, but to us street car guys, that’s a shitload of ECUs. If you break it down, that’s 320 Apex Power FCs, 200 HKS V-Pros, or 169 AEM EMSes. Of course 40 of these Pectel SQ6Ms probably have more processing power than all 689 street car ECUs combined. I believe Cosworth owns these ECUs so with the demise of Champ Car, maybe I can get one for my GT-R…hahaha NOT. There’s no real need for such a powerful ECU with an older street GT-Rs, but if somebody stepped up with some real $$$, I could run a R35 GT-R off an SQ6M. So who’s down to make some real power and control all the fancy factory bullshit with an R35?

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