Mine’s R35 @ M-Workz

Steve gave me a call and told me he just unloaded the Mine’s R35 GT-R from it’s container. On my way to Formula D last Saturday, I stopped by M-Workz to check it out. It’s primary reason for being here in the USA is for the filming of the Fast & the Furious 4, but I get the feeling Mine’s is going to feel out the US market with this car. It is in a pretty mild state of tune, but the exhaust sounds fucking buff. I don’t think there are any cats on it at the moment. It also has some Sachs coilovers, carbon kevlar Recaros, Takata safety harnesses, and probably the Mine’s ECU reflash. Beyond that the car appears to be pretty stock.


Full Mine’s sticker kit for +20hp.


Dry carbon lip is dope. mines-wave.com sticker = +20hp.


Low ride height is dope. Stock calipers with Mine’s 2 piece rotors front and rear.


Mine’s sticker on dash for another +20hp.


The exhaust tips looks good. My shitty flash wasn’t good enough though. The dry carbon upper wing element is a nice touch too.


Overall looking pretty good for a lightly tuned car.

You see, the +60hp that this car makes over stock is not from the exhaust, filters, or ECU reflash. It’s from the 3 different portions of stickers. Na, I’m sure Niikura-san has some good stuff up his sleeve. Leave it to Mine’s to develop a bad ass GT-R of any generation. Are they coming to the US? I hear they are. We shall see…

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