RS*R Drift Scion TC?

My buddy Gary from Design Craft has done it again and built another crazy car. This time it’s a RWD Scion TC with a 3SGTE VVT engine. With the HKS 3037 it does 400whp. Ken Gushi will be piloting the Scion for this year’s Formula D series. I think Ken was wasting his talent in the Mustang anyways…

We’ll see if this car is worth a shit on the track. Since Gary’s behind it, I’m pretty sure he’ll sort the car out pretty damn good. Any new race car will have teething problems, but Gary definitely knows his shit. The one thing he does is FUCKING LAG. He has had my S13 for 2 years now to build a cage in it and he hasn’t even touched it. Anyway, read more about this crazy TC at See this car at Formula D tomorrow in the LBC. I’ll be there cruising around and enjoying the circus they call drifting.

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