EJ257B on the Dyno

We have the EJ257B 2008 STi engine on the dyno at the moment for dry sump oil system testing. The engine looks pretty cool all wired up with sensors all over it. I have to say coming from the street car world with chassis dynos, an engine dyno is an absolute DREAM to work with although I’m not actually the one wrenching this time. The dyno guys are running a series of tests to determine which components to include in the dry sump system. We’ve already completed a slew of tests on a prototype intake manifold. Yes, that’s right: an intake manifold that actually works and looks good for the EJ25 is coming soon.

Garrett GT35R, custom 4-1 header, TiAL 44mm wastegate on a stock engine.

Notice the dry sump pump in place of the A/C compressor. We run a giant air to water intercooler (back right) to keep engine output as consistent as possible.

So far so good: Edmatic did a good job designing the dry sump. Next will be camshaft testing and CNC ported head validation. While the intake cam is shared with the previous EJ257, the exhaust cam is now variable. We should be able to get away with some more duration and lift without sacrificing low end and mid range power. It’s interesting to study the results from cam testing because you can run all the simulations you want in software, but nothing beats real world results. I learned that while I was at XS doing EVO 8 cam development and saw it again at Cosworth testing VQ35 cams. Either way, cam development and testing with the twin variable cam EJ257B should be exciting.

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