Race Engine Technology

At the moment, my favorite magazine is Race Engine Technology. It’s published in the UK and you basically need to be rich to afford it since it’s $20 per issue. Lucky for me we get it at Cosworth and I take it home sometimes after Ken reads it. I still enjoy the industry rags like Super Street, D-Sport, Import Tuner, etc. because they are fun to read and have plenty of ass to check out. That’s almost the best part of working in the automotive industry since there are no females unless you work in a corporate office. Even then the selection is limited. If you have a normal job, no doubt you can pick from the bundle in the office. Just remember not to shit where you sleep.

Anyhow, RET covers all kinds of race engines. They also cover people in the race engine industry like where they move to and why, race teams and their race engines, race programs and their race engines, manufacturers and their race engines, race engine components, and in case you didn’t get it: race engines. For example, this months issue covers:

  • Le Mans preview and the engines in the race
  • Tech on spark plugs and fuel injectors
  • Johnson & Johnson the NHRA Mopar team and their race engine
  • The Mazda Rotary and its race history (cool article if you’re a rotor head)
  • Roller bearing technology
  • Fluid film bearings (like inside our engines)
  • Ducati’s new race V-Twin
  • and some other cool articles and tech

Coming from the street car tuning world, the articles in RET are interesting to read and are very informative. Sure you might think you know your shit, but read some of the articles and you feel like you’re in a time machine because you will have just gotten schooled. Sure, just like any magazine, you can’t always believe what you read, but if you are a true gear head like myself, you can only stare at so many boobs and read about that Accord exhaust or SR20 swap so many times.


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