El Pollo Inka

Once in a while you have to go and eat somewhere where the food really kicks ass. One spot for super grubbin food is a Peruvian restaurant called El Pollo Inka. There’s several locations in the South Bay so if you’re ever in the Hawthorne, Torrance, or Gardena area you should check it out. It’s pretty packed on the weekends so if you want to get in quick you should go on a weekday. When you set down, don’t even bother looking at the menu. Just tell the waiter you want X #5’s. X = # of people at your table. Sure some the other dishes are good, but there’s no need to fuck around. Just order the Lomo Saltado. It’s a combination of marinated lean sirloin, onions, tomato, rice, and french fries. My amateur cooking skills tells me the marinade is something like: cumin, soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, and some other magical shit. There’s a green chile sauce that you put all over everything too.

Have you ever put some food in your mouth and it tastes so damn good that you salivate even with the food in your mouth? This dish does that. And it’s so damn good that it will suck the saliva right out of your tongue. I guarantee that you will eat the whole damn plate. Make sure you order a side of the plantains too.

This dish blows away a $50 steak at Fleming’s.

It’s a big spacious restaurant.

If you go on the weekends, they have live Peruvian style music.

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