Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory reopened it’s doors to the public earlier this year. They have some new displays and the old ones too. Interesting stuff, but some of it’s really basic so I think it’s meant to inspire and educate kids. Anyhow, I had some friends in town from Oakland/San Francisco so we spent the day cruising around LA. Today was a super nice day in southern California. Santa Monica beach is beautiful and the view at the observatory was absolutely awesome. I remember why I love southern California so much on days like this. I’ve traveled most of this country and some other parts of the world and I have to tell you that Los Angeles is the absolute best place to live.

Pay a visit to the newly remodeled Griffith Observatory. The new movie in the planetarium is interesting. The observatory itself is interesting if you like space, starts, planets, etc. If you have a hot chick you want to take on a date, don’t take her to the observatory. Chances are she’ll be bored. If she’s an intellectual or a down to earth chick, then that’s cool too. And yes, I am saying that hot chicks are usually shallow.

Here’s the northern view of downtown LA. Yes, it’s small compared to other cities, but that’s why we’re comfortable. We have space here unlike the other metropolises.

This view is the northern side of the LA basin. Absolutely breathtaking. You just had to be there.

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