A couple months ago I went to a Tiesto concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Electronic music is alive and well with glow sticks and bottled water. The show was 100% sold out so there were a LOT of people there. Was it good? Yeah when Tiesto played his more popular songs it was cool, but in general I think he’s WAY over rated. People go crazy over his music. Some of his songs aren’t bad, but Jesus Christ, it’s trance – IT ALL SOUNDS THE SAME! The crowd was definitely a little older (no candy ravers) and there was a bit more of the Hollywood crowd than other DJs’ concerts. After he ran out of popular songs, he played what any DJ could play. You could call it Junk Trance because I swear he pulled the tracks out of his junk pile. TIESTO IS OVER RATED.


The crowd praying to a false god.


Still praying at 4AM.

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