ESPN2 Import Racers

Here’s an old school cable TV show (yeah I know: gay name) that Merritt posted up on YouTube. I never did catch it on ESPN2, but I do remember that day we filmed it. This was back in 2004 I think before Sal Masekela was on the E Channel talking about random celebrity gossip like Katherine Heigl dropping to 81 on the Top 99 Most Desirible Women’s List. I still think KH is pretty damn desirable. I remember Sal being pretty cool even when he was coming up in popularity too. He definitely wasn’t all Mr. Hollywood.

Sal even gets his hands dirty working on Merritt’s old M3 (she has a 335i now). I don’t recall if this was when Merritt was at AEM or Turbonetics, but I think it was AEM. It’s funny looking back and watching the things I said. Damn I was cocky…Greg is even in the segment. Now he’s tuning Toyota V8s for emissions at Toyota Technical. Sometimes I miss working at XS, but man do I have cool toys and equipment to use at Cosworth now.

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