Showing Stock Cars…

What’s the point? I totally understand wanting to meet up with your on-line buddies to shoot the shit and hang out, but leave that to the local mid-week Blockbuster/Starbucks meets. Meets are a big part of Southern California’s car culture even long before the advent of the forum. Before the forum, there were classic car meets, muscle car meets, hot rod meets, rat rod meets, etc. The point is that all of the meets existed because people wanted to show their cars which were cool, original, and neat looking cars to check out both to peers and normal non-enthusiasts.

I have been to the Mitsubishi Owner’s Day a couple times only to witness 20% modified EVOs and 80% stock EVOs. I can understand an EVO owner is proud of his car whether it is stock or modified. But there is no need to show us a stock car that was mass produced on an assembly line. We only need to open the pages of any mass market car magazine, go to manufacturer’s website, or visit sites like to see one. Disclaimer: I do not hate EVOs

For the past year, we have more or less seen nothing but stock R35 GT-Rs. I have seen enough and am pretty tired of looking at stock ones and have made it known in the past. You own a Nissan bro. It’s not a Ferrari. You have more plastic on the dash than a Ferrari has throughout the whole damn car. I can also look at stock R35s in just about every car magazine in any given month. Disclaimer: I do not hate R35s.

Even the guys at Cars & Cofee are sick and tired of “new” cars. I think what bothers them the most is that these new cars are mostly STOCK. A recent S2000 meet pretty much pissed off the organizers when they all met up early and tried to take over the parking lot with a bunch of stock S2000s. Why would you pick a place like Cars & Coffee where exotics, classic cars, seriously built and the TRULY exotic appear and show off your stock S2000? Beats the shit out of me… Disclaimer: I do not hate S2000s.

There’s a bone stock car and another one with black wheels. A stock S2000 with spray painted black wheels is not interesting to me compared to a twin turbo Lambo that got turned away at the gate. Or am I just behind the times?

See what I mean? 3 out of 3 stock cars…jeez.

And here we go again (although black R35s look sick even stock).

So what’s the conclusion? Keep your stock cars to your neighborhood meets. Bring out your bad ass car to the show. PLEASE!

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