Event Coverage: 2015 Indianapolis 500


The Holmatro Safety team would be kept busy throughout the day, both on the track and in the pits.  During this round of stops, James Davison was released into Pippa Mann.  This caused Davison to bounce off the right side tire changers of Tristan Vautier.  Both crewmen were checked over.  One was released, but the other (Daniel Jang) required surgery and was sent to Methodist hospital.  He should be released by the time you read this.  The real kicker?  All three cars were from Dale Coyne Racing.  This is especially problematic when you remember this is not DCR's only pit crash this year.  Mann would continue, but Vautier and Davison both retired.
Briscoe had a great day.  With only two hours of practice to acclimate to the new Honda aero kit, and starting on the last row, Brisoce had his work cut out for him.  However he finished 12th, a great finish for a sub driver.  Briscoe will be at LeMans driving a factory Corvette and will likely not return to IndyCar for this year.
Just after the 5th pitstop the yellow would wave again.  But for whom did it wave for?  A groan from the crowd confirmed it…
TK had asked for a wing adjustment and it upset the car.  He lost control coming out of Turn 3 and backed it into the wall.  TK jumped from the car unharmed, but one of the best car of the race would complete its last lap dangling from the wrecker.
TK’s win in 2013 was one of the most popular in recent memory.  Every time Tony took the lead the crowd roared.  He has been snake bit at Indy many times, but he will be back for more in 2016.  TK also made a critic silencing comment after his crash: nobody had gotten upside down.  IndyCars aren’t the deathtraps so many people had been claiming them to be during the month of May.
After the accident, Charlie Kimball was in the lead.  However a poor restart would see him lose the lead by the next lap.  Kimball and Dixon were the only cars in the Top 6 that had any hope of breaking up the Penske juggernaut.

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