Event Coverage: 2015 Indianapolis 500


As Saavedra bounced off the outside wall, he was hit by Steffano Coletti, sending Coletti partly into the air.  Saavedra also bounced off the outside wall again after all of this.
Coletti and Hawksworth were both fine, but the multiple impacts of Saavedra’s accident dislocated his right foot.
Let’s set the scene: 14 laps to go.  All of the leaders are fine for fuel.  You’ve got the fastest five cars split by two slower cars, looking to score a top 5 on fuel strategy.  The biggest race in the world comes down to these last handful of laps.  The restart order is now Power, Montoya, Dixon, Munoz, Kimball, and Wilson.  Pagenaud was able to pit under the yellow and get his nose replaced, though he was now out of contention.
With just 3 laps to go, Dixon was fading, his engine overheating and his tires going away.  The battle for the win was now down to Montoya and Power.  Would Power add his name to the list of Indy 500 legends?  Or would Montoya become a two time winner?  Just after crossing the yard of bricks, Montoya pulled off the pass for the lead!
On top of battling Montoya, Kimball was beginning to sneak into the picture.  Could Kimball pull off an upset?
Power was drafting Montoya as they went under the white flag.  If Power could pull off a pass Montoya would not have enough time to catch and repass Power for the win.  If Power didn’t time it just right, he wouldn’t be close enough to catch the draft and make the pass.  If he got it really wrong, he would take out Montoya and Kimball would win it.  Who would blink first?
The checkered flags were out…

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