Event Coverage: 2017 IndyCar Grand Prix


After spending most of Friday in the bottom half of the field, RHR had been able to qualify a decent 8th. Finishing 3rd was much more than he could have hoped for when the green flag fell, and he was quite pleased with the result.
More shameless self promotion.  Hitachi is number 1 again!
The 2017 IndyCar Grand prix podium: Will Power in 1st, Scott Dixon in 2nd, and Ryan Hunter-Reay in 3rd. What has made 2017 so great is that Honda has been competitive almost everywhere. With the aero freeze, Honda has figured out how to get speed out of its drag intensive aero kit. Off-season engine development has also given the Hondas a power bump over the Chevys (though seemingly at the cost of reliability), so it is game on in 2017.  
The champagne tasted great, but as it has been for the last four years, when the bottles were empty, focus turns to the real event: the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500. Winning the Grand Prix is a great shot in the arm heading into Indy practice, but Power would happily give up today for the chance to drink milk in two weeks.  
One of the great things about the Indy 500 is that with a good car and good strategy, anyone can come out on top. Guys like Marco Andretti, who have spent years out of victory lane, look to Indy to give themselves a big boost. Marco usually runs well at Indy, so count his name in the mix. And, Indy victory can totally turn a career around: just ask Alexander Rossi. Hell, Scott Goodyear made a name for himself as an Indy bridesmaid, though never a bride. Then there's Marco's father, Michael, who led over 700 laps at Indy, without ever tasting the milk. Who will be on top this year? Join us a week from today where we will bring you qualifying coverage, and a week after that, the results of the Indianapolis 500. Stay tuned for some 230 MPH mayhem!

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