Event Coverage: Motorgen Angeles Crest Cruise

Motorgen Angeles Crest Cruise

Beautiful weather, beautiful cars, beautiful time.

2009 Motorgen Angeles Crest Cruise

by Martin Gonzales


What could possibly be better than cruising the freshly paved mountainous roads of Los Angeles?  Doing it with a great group of gear heads like the folks at Motorgen.com!  They truly are a unique group, unlike the majority of car groups, the Motorgen crew has set out to satisfy the cravings of every car enthusiast by combining all the colors of the car rainbow.  Everything from SRT 4's to Cobras can be found at their local meets.  So we were very excited when Sean Plunkett of Motorgen invited us to their second annual Angeles Crest Highway Cruise.  The invite must have sat in our inbox for all of two seconds before we eagerly started packing our gear in preparation for the roadie.


Motorgen Angeles Crest Cruise
True gear heads brought together by one common bond.


Our roadie started with a quick pit stop in Fullerton where we rounded up the troops and laid out the game plan.  The plan, take Angeles Crest Highway (Hwy 2) from Altadena into Wrightwood and come back to Fullerton.  With maps and phone numbers in hand we split into two groups and headed out to the base of the Mountain.


One last stop before hitting the mountain!


The second checkpoint was the top of Angeles Crest where we stopped for a short meet and car check before cutting across the mountains into Wrightwood. 


One love, gear heads unite!


With no break downs, incidents or tickets under our belts, we could focus our attention on the more important things in life.  So after a quick headcount we were off to Fullerton again for some grub and shop talk at the local hangout.


Subaru WRX Motorgen Angeles Crest Cruise
The Motorgen crew enjoying the break after the long cruise.


A huge thank you goes out to Sean from Motorgen and the entire Motorgen crew for a very well put together event and for just being a cool group of guys.

Want to see more pics of our cruise?  Cruise on over to the MotoIQ Image Gallery or simply click on the image below. 


Evo X Angeles Crest Cruise


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