Event Coverage: SpoCom 2009

SpoCom 2009 Coverage

photos and text by Jeff Naeyaert

We spent the better part of 5 hours Sunday afternoon at SpoCom 2009 hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center. So dedicated to the scene are we that missing the first 3 quarters of the Laker game, to make our first public appearance was no biggie. 

Synapse Engineering R35 GTR

Synapse Engineering's booth and future MotoIQ feature R35 GTR

The turnout was better than we expected given our fears of how the economy was probably affecting the industry.  There was an urban dance competition, lingerie and bikini show; however, between catching up with friends and trying to introduce ourselves to as many vendors as possible we missed most of the “entertainment”.

DSport booth at SpoCom 2009
How do you get girls and the car show geeks who love them to loiter around your booth?  Host a model search as DSport did here–Brilliant!

Unlike SEMA in Vegas, SpoCom is open the public which provides enthusiasts a great opportunity to meet the companies and the people behind them that run the industry face to face, ask technical questions and see who has got the best models dressing up their booths.  

HKS 370 and R35 GTR at SpoCom 2009
HKS' 370Z and GTR


Bisi Ezerioha's All Motor Honda Insight
Bisi Ezerioha's All Motor Insight–a tribute to the Snorks!


Stay tuned for a feature on Mode Racing's Hyundai Genesis Coupe as well


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