EVENT COVERAGE: Street Driven Tour – Virginia International Raceway


Another Street Driven Tour first was the most fun and exciting event of the weekend, in our humble opinion of course, the MotoIQ Handling Challenge. In between the drift games and the auto-x, we set-up a 50 foot skidpad and let the drivers go nuts! It took some convincing, via hard data, to get the RWD guys from drifting. But once they saw that driving smooth with minimal inputs was the key to a high score, they straightened things out quick. MotoIQ spreading the Nerd Gospel from coast to coast!


The early bird award went to Oliver in his E36 M3. The first session of the MotoIQ Handling Challenge was at 8:30am and Oliver was ready to go before we even had a chance to finish setting up our course. The rules of the handling challenge were quite simple, tires must have no lower than a 40 UTQG treadwear, and each car would get three timed laps around our skidpad. The E36 started off our competition with 0.76G.


The Smurf was hands down one of my favorite competitors. Others had power, but this little Civic had it where it counts! Light weight, decent power, and some Hankook Z214 (of the C71 variety) stuffed in its wheel wells.


Amongst the MotoIQ team we had some running bets going as to who would win the challenge, and this Focus ST is where the smart money went. Would it come out on top? You'll have to keep reading to find out.


Though a very good handling car, the FR-S/BRZ simply does not come with the greatest of tires from the factory. This bone stock FR-S took on the challenge, but unfortunately ended up with one of the lowest scores of the day. 


You came to the Street Driven Tour in your wife's daily you're trying to sell? What better way to say goodbye than by taking a few spirited laps through the skidpad?! 


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