EVENT COVERAGE: Street Driven Tour – Virginia International Raceway


If we had an Americuh award, it would undoubtedly go to this Pontiac GTO! It got stuck and the mud splatter is from the truck that pulled it out. Not giving a single fuck, the driver made his way immediately to the Handling Challenge…and posted the lowest score of the day. Not having much experience in RWD vehicles I took a crack at the skidpad in it, and man was it a handful. Not only was the power steering not working, but the stock tires made it an interesting experience.


PSA TIME: Kids, do not over lover your cars! Not only are you giving your suspension little travel to work with, but your hella-fresh body kit will be the first to tell you that you are in bad need of a lift. This 350Z missed the lowest score of the day by 0.01G. But it did manage to give us the funniest picture of the event. Click on the image to see a full size version of the epic facial expression Nick caught on camera!

We had a good turnout of cars that signed up for the challenge, and were excited to see such a wide variety of them. FWD, RWD, big power, not-so-much power, etc. So how did they all stack up?


Honda CivicBlue0.89
Ford Focus STRed0.82
Nissan 240SXRed0.78
BMW E36 M3White0.76
Dodge Journey (MIQ Rental)Sliver0.75
BMW E46 M3Blue0.72
Scion FR-SSliver0.68
Mazda 3Red0.64
Nissan 350ZBlue0.63
Pontiac GTORed0.62


And yes, of course we took our rental car through the skidpad! Without adjusting any tire pressures or doing any guetto power mods we managed to squeeze a 0.75G. Mid pack is not too shabby!


The winner of the first MotoIQ Handling Challenge! The owner won himself a set of Achilles 123S tires from ApexTire. We're sure he'll be sticking with his Z214s for competition, but who doesn't like free tires!


So how can you partake in all the fun of the Street Driven Tour?! Well, if you're anywhere near the St.Louis area you need to get your butt out to Gateway International Raceway this weekend! Go to the Street Driven Tour website for all the info and to purchase tickets to the event and to sign up for one or more of the fun activities they have planned. And if you want to be a part of the next MotoIQ Handling Challenge, we will be joining the Street Driven Tour when they make their stop at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in September!


Street Driven Tour


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