EVO X Twin Plate Clutch

The guys over at ARK Design sent me a press release on their new twin plate clutch for the Mitsubishi CZ4A EVO X. They just released their G700 twin plate clutch for the EVO X. I’ve heard that EVO 8 and EVO 9 clutches are the same as EVO X, but I’m kind of out of it (aka I mostly play with engines these days). If that is the case, then the ARK G700 will work with EVO 8, 9, and X (maybe EVO 7?). My EVO X MR has the twin clutch trans so I haven’t paid attention either.

The ARK G700 twin plate clutch is available in two models: standard and lightweight. Some features of the clutch:

  • The flywheel is made of heat treated, billet steel so it qualifies as an SFI legal drag clutch.
  • The floater and friction ring are also made of heat treated, billet steel.
  • Heat treated, billet center hubs for minimal spline wear
  • Twin discs use a proprietary copper based friction material that is bonded (no rivets)
  • Excellent clutch pedal modulation for street driveability (I drove one…the pedal is lighter than stock)
  • Billet aluminum cover prevents flexing that can occur with stamped steel covers
  • This clutch is 100% made in Japan

The clutch kit includes a new slave cylinder, fork, and throw out bearing and converts the fork action from pull to push. The G700 Lightweight goes for $2299 list and the G700 Standard goes for $2199 list. The EVO X clutch swap is time consuming and expensive so if you’re planning on a clutch change, you should do it right the first time and get a twin plate. They last longer, hold more power, and this particular ARK clutch is very easy to drive. A good clutch is even more critical on the EVO X with it’s extra 200lbs. of weight and the greater power potential of the 4B11T engine (it breathes better). Coming soon from ARK Design is their 2008+ Subaru STi twin plate clutch also.

I like multi-plate clutches for serious effort cars. Why? Read here and here. You can shift faster because of better high rpm disengagement, drop the clutch more often since two discs dissipate heat much faster than a single, and not have to worry about clutch slip when you drive the car hard.

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