Prodrive WRC Impreza (GD) Rebuild

Ben and I were emailing about his newly acquired ECR33 and he sent me a link to the UK GTR forum (GTROC) that shows an early (circa 2002) Prodrive WRC GD Impreza being rebuilt. I think it’s somewhere in Trinidad or Barbados if I were to guess. The thread has a lot of cool pictures. Here’s some of them:

This bespoke carbon fiber fuel cell is BALLER.

Have you seen the factory front subframe on a GD? It’s the biggest piece of shit ever. This prodrive piece is dope.

Now that is just about the best and strongest suspension a Subaru will probably ever have in the history of the Impreza. I dig the splined sway bar and that BIG ASS piston shaft in the strut too.

Is that an adjustable camber plate or what?

Triangulation x 5000

Very nice set of pedals and masters.

Alcantara wrapped dry carbon dash. Even the hand brake lever is carbon.

Look closely: this pump assembly has two pick up pumps that fill a surge tank, then two Bosch 044’s suck from the surge tank and it’s all in one compact assembly.

Hand fabricated titainum uprights.

This car does not use a “bellmouth” downpipe. Prodrive did their R&D on this one. But according to the many “experts” on the Subaru forums, if your downpipe isn’t a “bellmouth” it’s no good. I have no idea how it is that forum people got to know more than Prodrive, but hey, I guess that’s one of the miracles of technology.

I have no idea why this rebuild was on a GT-R forum, but visit the thread for more details. This car has some nice parts and it’s a 2002 car. I’d like to see somebody rebuild a 2008 Prodrive WRC car and see how all the parts evolved.

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