External Combustion Rocket Anti Lag System + JDM Spec C Impreza STI


subaru anti lag rocket

Here's the torque comparison once again and the rate of acceleration to 7500 rpm. That's over 1.5 seconds faster! 


subaru anti lag rocket

Of course any proof of concept wouldn't be valid if it wasn't actually tested on the road. And that road might as well be the Nurburgring, right? 

Ben's Spec C is currently for sale. If you like Subarus and have some disposable income, this would be the one to buy for sure. I asked Ben, “What's the next toy?” He said, “What else is there? It's gotta be a GT-R.”  I can't wait to see what Ben's going to do to a GT-R. If I know him well enough, it's going to be something way out of the ordinary. We'll just have to wait and see what he's got up his sleeve.

If you're interested in the Spec C or have any other interest (and a motorsport budget) in the rocket, contact me. I've deemed myself Ben's unofficial official US agent!!

For the slideshow:

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