Extreme Engine Tech: 2JZ-GTE; Part 1 – More Strength, Less Weight


Jeff Gerner, owner and founder of FRP, is an old school, super detail-oriented engine builder that prides himself on building each engine like it is his own.  He is also a power junky that likes to push the limits, as he has done with his own, self-built racer, a 1994 Audi S4.  His car currently holds the “F Production supercharged” world record, and is the fastest sedan-bodied car in the world, with a top speed of over 260 mph at Bonneville.  How?  Its little 2.3-liter puts out a whopping 1039 AWHP!  And if his class would allow him to run E85 fuel, Jeff reports he'd have more power.   

Having built the S4 rocket himself, and without much outside experience to draw from that people in the Supra community abundantly have, he's in a league of his own.  We're confident in his knowledge and abilities building our bottom end. 


Jeff Gerner Four Ring Performance FRP engine builder
Meet our 2JZ's engine builder, Jeff Gerner, founder of Four Ring Performance Engineering (FRP)


FRP Four Ring Performance Engineering cylinder head flow benchFRP Four Ring Performance Engineering engine dyno dynamometer
Only the serious engine builders like FRP have flow benches to verify their engine work…
 …and only the uber serious house an engine dyno!


FRP Engine bore and honing 25 degree cross hatch
Engine block preparation is another crucial element in engine building and Jeff takes this very seriously.  It's the biggest factor for proper ring sealing, oil consumption prevention, and overall longevity.  After boring, a deck plate is attached to the block for the honing process to reproduce cylindrical distortion.  Jeff then hones the block using a “plateau hone” procedure, using progressively finer stones and finishing up with a 500 grit.  The end result is a 25-degree crosshatch pattern that's also glass-like smooth to the touch.  Lastly, he makes sure the wall diameter is within .0001-in all the way down. 


FRP Engineering crankshaft journal polishing polished
Jeff also takes crank journal polishing very seriously, leaving a mirror-like finish.


Piston ring electric filing machine FRP Performance Jeff Gerner
Gerner of FRP using an electric piston ring filer with diamond wheel.  The wheel is critical in getting a nice edge to the ring gap, eliminating unnecessary blow-by.


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