Extreme Engine Tech: 2JZ-GTE; Part 1 – More Strength, Less Weight


FRP Engineering JE Pistons K1 rods assembly
With our K1 rods checked out, Gerner goes to work on the piston and rod assembly, starting with engine assembly lube for the wrist pins.
FRP Engineering JE Pistons K1 rods assembly
Our last piston and rod marriage.  Notice the thick wrist pin JE supplies for its pistons, which eliminates flex, keeping the rod's bronze bearing life happy. 
JE Pistons oil control ring orientation FRP Four Ring Performance Jeff Gerner
Ring orientation is critical. The bottom oil control ring gets the oil ring expander gap—the little part where the two pieces join together in a”V”—aligned with the wrist pin centerline.
JE Pistons top ring compression ring orientation FRP Jeff Gerner
The top compression ring is centered on the high thrust (exhaust) side of the piston, 90 degrees to the wrist pin centerline.
Finally, the second ring is offset 180 degrees from the top ring.  The oil ring rails alternate opposite the second ring gap, which is also aligned to the thrust faces.  The goal is to make it as hard as possible to get compression blow-by.
K1 rods ARP main studs FRP Jeff Gerner
You can't make a motor bullet proof without securing the bullet proof parts.  So we have 24-hour ARP security on all of the caps.
Modified by KC MKC Performance 2JZ-GTE FRP Engineering
Our completed 2JZ-GTE short block has already been transported to Modified by KC, where the actual car has been residing for the past few months.  Exciting times!  Notice the modified oil pump.  We'll discuss this next. 


Click here for PART 2, where we discuss something that often gets overlooked (and almost caused further damage to our previous motor!): proper crank damping and oil lubrication.



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