Extreme Engine Tech: 2JZ-GTE; Part 2 – More Lubrication, Good Vibrations


Fluidampr crank damper 2JZ-GTE supra

While our main concern is to increase engine life by removing torsional vibration, Fluidampr has shown on certain cars an actual power gain over stock with these dampers—in this instance an average 9hp at the crank across the rpm range on a modified S2000 making over 300whp:  The theory behind the power increase is that reduced vibration will allow an engine to spin more freely, transferring more power to the wheels.  


fluidampr crank pulley 2JZ-GTE diagram silicone fluid
Fluidampr's proprietary silicone fluid reportedly controls torsional vibrations at all frequencies for our application.  This thin layer of fluid goes around a steel flywheel inside a laser welded housing, both of which are computer balanced during manufacturing to ensure precision and fit.  This Fluidampr is also SFI 18.1 approved for sanctioned racing events.


To help us understand more about harmonic balancing, we spoke to our engine builder, Jeff Gerner, of FRP.  “A balancer works through a process called ‘phase cancellation'.  Additionally, balancers add mass to the front end of the crank to help with damping.  In other words, all balancers are at least two-piece assemblies, which work by taking a reaction and using it to lessen the next ‘action'.  This process is known as phase cancellation.” 

“What actually increases on modified engines is the torsional deflection in the crankshaft, which is attributable to increased brake mean effective pressure.  This is the result of increased turbo boost cramming in more air and fuel.  To put it simply, when the piston and rod assembly exert force on the crank throw, the crank twists on its axis and then snaps back to shape as the power stroke is completed.” 

“This action is what's responsible for breaking oil pumps and causing bearing failure in more extreme cases.  Aftermarket balancers are engineered to better cope with the torsional deflections and the attendant vibration produced,” says Gerner.  

Getting the Fluidampr adds great confidence in solving some potential future problems, but we still had a broken oil pump.  I contacted my friends at Champion Toyota in Houston, Texas, which is where I order all of my factory parts.  Champion sells new oil pumps for just $170, but Boost Logic sells modified stock units. 

I ordered the pump from Champion and had it sent to Boost Logic where they made modifications to the front seal as well as some of the internal oil ports.  


Boost Logic modified oil pump 2JZ-GTE supra
Our new Boost Logic-modified factory oil pump (left) versus our stock one (right).  We ordered the pump itself from Champion Toyota but Boost Logic performed the modifications for better boost management and oil flow characteristics.  Side by side it's not readily apparent what they've done. 


Boost Logic Oil Pump modified supra
On the front side, the front seal is better secured with three additional screws, instead of just simply being pressed in.  This will help the seal stay put in our high boost application.


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