Extreme Engine Tech: 2JZ-GTE; Part 2 – More Lubrication, Good Vibrations



Boost Logic modified oil pump supra 2JZ-GTE
It's inside these two ports where Boost Logic performs their modifications for improved oil flow.


modified boost logic oil pump oil port 2JZ-GTE
Here's a comparison of the larger port between our stock one (above) and our new one (below).  While it's clearly evident to the touch how sharp that turn inside the stock port is (and sharp turns aren't great for fluid dynamics)…



modified boost logic oil pump oil port 2JZ-GTE
…it's even visually apparent when compared to the modified port on the new unit.  This improvement will help keep our moving internals happy under high performance conditions. 


Since we're talking lubrication, one of the things I left out in Part 1, in order to share it with you this time, was the subject of engine bearings.  Australian-based ACL is a household name in engine bearings, using a tri-metal structure that is substantially stronger than a standard factory bearing.  Our engine builder, Jeff Gerner at FRP Engineering, ordered a set of their race series bearings featuring a .001-in extra clearance built into them, as well as slightly higher crush load.

Also, says Gerner, “every bearing has a slightly elliptical shape—and we're talking thousandths of an inch here—which increase the load carrying capacity.  What this does is provide a thicker oil film between the bearing and the crank.  The ACL Race series' bearings are slightly more aggressive in their elliptical shape.”



ACL Bearing tri metal supra 2jz gte
Inside our rod and main caps you'll find ACL Race Series bearings for their optimal oil lubrication.  


ACL Bearings Calico coatings supra 2jz-gte
The inside of each bearing has been treated to a super low-friction Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) coating by Calico Coatings in Denver, North Carolina.  This coating further reduces friction and provides that extra protection and perhaps a little extra longevity should we ever experience a loss of oil pressure. 


With our torsional vibrations and internal fluid dynamics in check, we are anticipating a long, happy life with this engine—even at the power levels we're shooting for.  Stay tuned.

Click HERE for Part 3, where we discuss theh cylinder head!









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