Fabricated Exhaust on … a Grand Caravan!


A slightly angled cut allowed the pipe to enter the hollow left by the wheel chair bay framework. A pie cut from the 180° mandrel U allowed the pipe to come back out toward the muffler. The Vibrant Performance muffler was a side entry/centre exit unit.
It is still tight around the spring but it clears and works. Phew.
A tip was created from the 180° U tubing. It is not polished like the muffler, but it still looks really good. And the intention of this build was to be functional rather than show quality. The hanger has not yet been added and the muffler is placed at an angle while fitment is examined. It will be straightened.
While my initial plan was to have a flange on the muffler to bolt onto the mid-pipe, Paulo quickly noted that there was simply no room for the flange to squeeze past the shock and spring. The Vibrant Performance muffler inlet slipped right over the 2.5″ tubing making a clamp the best solution. Yes, we could have welded it but that would not allow us to take it apart if the need arises in the future. A bit of the plastic bumper cover needed to be trimmed at the side and just above the muffler tip.

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