Fabricated Exhaust on … a Grand Caravan!


The future happened quite quickly! The baddest Mini-Van on the west coast was just a bit more bad than we wanted. We needed to quieten it down inside and out. Solution, a Car Chemistry 4 disk silencer insert coupled with some stainless steel packing. The caps are for additional sound reduction and can be drilled to suit.
This pic shows the insert being placed with the optional caps off. For our final product, the caps were tack welded into place. The CC insert was placed in the pipe just before the muffler, and it comes with a threaded nut welded in place plus the accompanying bolt. One hole drilled in the exhaust pipe and the insert is firmly in place.

The result: the Baddest yet still quiet Minivan on the Canadian West Coast! Hmmmm. I wonder how it would do on the Mission Raceway Park drag strip! Well, no worries there as Emmett's mom and dad likely won't let Emmett and I race down the track. They themselves like to view it as the best minivan exhaust on the West Coast. The one that will last longer than the van itself! 

What is next in line for Emmett's Grand Caravan – why an upgrade to G-LOC Brake pads, of course. The GS-1 street compound will absolutely enhance the stopping power of this people hauler. And, the safety of my family is most important.


The baddest yet still quiet mini-van on the west coast has an amazing Vibrant Performance stainless steel fabricated cat back. AES Auto, thanks for your fabricating skills. Emmett's power chair is strapped down inside, but you can see that the bay extends below the bumper level. The inset is this amazing little fighter wheeling his power chair, that he's knick-named 'Vroom-Vroom' around a garden path.

Now I'm going to veer off path for a moment and talk about my grandson. As I mentioned, he has a rare genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 1.  This disease is a progressive degeneration of the spinal nerves which means the brains messages cannot get through to the muscles, so the muscles simply waste away. August was Spinal Muscular Atrophy awareness month and I want to thank you for reading about this very unknown disease. I encourage you to click on the links included below to find out more about this devastating disease and the search for a cure. For the past two years Emmett has been part of a worldwide trial that has led to FDA and Health Canada approval of a new drug called Spinraza, literally the first drug approved as therapy for SMA. This is a huge medical breakthrough. The fact that Emmett is here and piloting himself around in a power wheelchair is evidence of that fact.



Vibrant Performance

AES Auto

Car Chemistry

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Emmett's Journey

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