Fast Lap with Billy Johnson – Circuit Of The Americas


Turn 4: (Esses)

Turn-in and again emphasize a late-apex with your right tires on the apex curbing or up on the 2″ breadboxes.  In a heavier car a slight brush of the brakes to adjust your speed for Turn 5 might be necessary.  In a lighter momentum car this may not be necessary.  It’s important to be in the middle of the road to set up for Turn 5 and to not have turned in too early causing the car to push wide at track-out.

In a heavier car a slight brush of the brakes to adjust your speed for Turn 5 might be necessary.

Turn 5: (Esses)

The road is a little off-camber here and most cars will understeer out to the right.  The better set-up you are from Turn 4, the less the car will push wide.  Just touch the curb on the left and stay mid-track to set up to apex Turn 6.

The view through Turn 5.

Turn 6: (Decreasing-Radius Double-Apex)

This is a double-apex, decreasing-radius right hander that’s a little tricky.  You want to carry as much entry speed as you can, sacrifice the exit, and get the car turned to set up for Turn 7.  Apex the curbing on the right at entry and brush the brakes in a straight line aiming at the middle of the turn and the middle of the track.  From here, rotate the car and get back down to the second apex.  Hug the right side of the road or track out to mid-track at the most and bring the car back to the right to set up for Turn 7.

This is a very sinuous race track.  The F1 car beneath the Pirelli banner is exiting Turn 6.

Turn 7: (Downhill Left)

This turn has very little camber and the road falls away as you turn-in from the right side of the road.  Most cars will develop a substantial understeer through the apex.  Trail off from a brief brush of the brakes (6 pedal) as you turn-in accordingly early to compensate for the understeer.  Make sure to apex the corner with your left tires to prevent running wide and having to lift off the throttle at track-out.  Get back to power at the apex and get the car back to the middle of the track to set up for Turn 8.


Get to the curbing and apex on the left.




  1. Interesting how time and experience changes things. Everyone does 16-18 now and ignores 17 for example. Fun read anyway!

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