Fixing Fuel Starvation with the Holley Hydramat


Chris Eimer of Eimer Engineering looks at the stock fuel pick up pipe.  The pipe was too short for the Hydramat because it sits right on the floor of the fuel cell instead of going into the side of the sump. A huge dash 10 pick up pipe is needed to feed the hungry engine!
Chris put together a new longer pick up pipe that he made from alcohol resistant dash 10 teflon lined Earl's Hose using Ear'ls AN fittings.  The new pick up pipe is a few inches longer than the original part. 
An Earl's NPT to AN dash 10 adaptor is screwed onto the Hydramat.
The Hydramat is placed on the floor of the Fuel Safe Fuel cell.
The Hydramat is bigger than the fuel cell is wide.  In this case it is ok for the Hydramat to wrap up the sides of the fuel cell.

In most cars the fuel cell is installed with the longer length sideways. In this case it is better for the Hydramat to wrap up the rear wall of the cell.  When building this car the long length of the cell was pointed fore and aft.  This is because in this orientation fuel slosh affects the car's handling less in fast transitions. We decided to let the Hydramat wrap up both sides of the cell as shown here.

The foam is used to hold the Hydramat in place and you can see we have tucked the Hydramat under the foam blocks on the ends of the cell.   For installation in an OEM fuel tank Holley has magnetic mounts that simply stick to the bottom of the fuel tank.  For aluminum or plastic fuel tanks  Holly has adhesively bonded mounts.


Chris attaches the fuel inlet hose to the Hydramat.

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