Fixing Fuel Starvation with the Holley Hydramat


The fuel inlet pipe is ready for the foam to be reinstalled. 
The foam is carefully stuffed back into the fuel cell while the fuel inlet pipe is threaded though the hole in the foam.  The foam holds the Hydramat in place.
The fuel inlet pipe is pulled up through the foam.
Now it is time to reinstall the cover of the fuel cell.  The other hole is for the return line.
The fuel inlet tube is attached to its bulkhead fitting and the return tube is just positioned through the other hole in the foam to where it dumps on top of the Hydramat.  This is the proper way to deal with return fuel and it is quite simple. 
Finally the top cover of the fuel cell is bolted back down and we are nearly ready to go!


The Hydramat is a great solution for space limited fuel systems that have no room for lift pumps and surge tanks.  It will compliment any fuel system and will let you get every drop out of your fuel tank.  It will also be a great aid for race cars using the stock fuel tank in getting every bit of fuel out of the tank and avoiding starvation due to slosh. 




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