Formula D – Long Beach 2007


I got to the Formula D drift event at 9am on Saturday. It was a bit overcast, but I like overcast. Anyhow, I had to work the Cosworth booth for most of the day so I didn’t get to watch even a bit of drifting. No big deal; I missed the circus. There were a shitload of people though. Jim Liaw of Formula D is making BANK!!!!


1st – Mitsuru Haraguchi – Falken 180SX with S15 front end

2nd – Tanner Foust – AEM 350Z

3rd – Daijiro Yoshihara – Rockstar S13

4th – Vaughn Gitten Jr. – Falken Mustang


Tanner’s 350Z broke a tie rod in between rounds and they were unable to fix it in time so Haraguchi took the win.


I hope Yoshihara takes it this year. Pacific Rim/Rockstar/HKS built a proper S13 and Dai is pretty damn good. In fact, I would say that the Rockstar S13 is probably the only properly built S13/14/15 on the drift circuit today.


No pics because I wasn’t there. But by tomorrow, the web will be flooded with pics so use google and search for images.

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