I was cruising through Craiglist looking for a snowboard because I don’t want to spend big $$$ on a board. After all, it’s the boarder not the board. People are constantly spending way too much $$$ on equipment and not enough emphasis on perfecting the required skills. You know who you all are, but you are so into whatever it is you are into, that you just can’t admit that you’re the sucker. Materialism is a bitch isn’t it? Examples are the beginning golfer with $600 driver, the amatuer photgrapher with the $5000 SLR camera body, and the beginning tennis player with 3 $200 rackets. The exception is of course tuned cars where a straight line, full throttle blast to redline in your car with the extra 100whp from your new turbo kit is VERY gratifying. OK, I totally got sidetracked. So I was cruising Craiglist and I noticed this link to “best-of-craiglist”. It’s a list of postings that users voted to be the “best”. SOME OF THE POSTS ARE ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. You should check them out. It’s not just postings of shit for sale, but there’s also some random posts. Excellent stuff….


This one’s dope too: I’m done with ya, Bitches

Another one: Oh the men I met off craiglist…(this chick is dope)

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