Eddie Murphy

For the longest time, Eddie Murphy’s Delirious was not available on DVD. I hate VHS tapes so I was waiting for Delirious on DVD for the longest time. This is Eddie Murphy’s first stand alone movie. Raw was his second. Both are funny as hell. Since most of you reading this grew up on Def Comedy Jam and don’t know shit about real stand up comedy like Richard Prior and Eddie Murphy, you NEED to go and rent this. After watchin Delirious and laughing your fucking ass off, go and rent Raw. You should do some sit ups first to prepare your stomach for the amount of laughing it will have to handle.

I was cruising the local blockbuster and I saw Delirous and had to rent it. I don’t know exactly when it came out, but it must have been recently. Don’t worry about the red and purple skin tight shit he wears. That was hot shit in the 80’s I guess. Anyway, check it out.


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